Spiky? Me likey.


But seriously, I have been obsessed with everything spiked and studded – from my studded belt to my 4 (that’s right… not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4) pairs of spiky shoes.

Check out the colorful Louboutins! They’re mens. And they might as well cost a million dollars. But they’re FABULOUS. Can’t you just imagine Jay-Z and Kanye fighting backstage on their Watch the Throne tour arguing over who gets to wear them? I bet Kanye wins every time. Let’s have a toast to the douchebags…

I digress. Sam Edelman. He’s been having a spiky moment. It’s almost as if he got pricked by a porcupine. I mean, everything he makes has spikes (no? just the pairs I purchase?). Between the high tops, the espadrilles, and the slippers, I have spiky shoes for literally every occasion. And the pair with actual feet in them – those are UNIF, which is apparently another word for AMAZING!

I just love how they make feel a little extra tough when you wear them. And watching people on the subway stare at your feet is so much fun. Anyone over the age of 50 has no idea why I have so much hardware on my feet. Kids want to touch them. Some people really don’t get it, but those who do… they automatically want to be best friends.

So the question is – do the spikes leave you confused, or will you be my new friend?(images from Sam Edelman, Hypebeast, Because I’m Addicted)

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